In 1993, anticipating a future home site in a vacant field, the Lederman family acknowledged our appreciation for trees and planned ahead by planting 6 acres of nursery stock. Our goal was to create a forest, adding character and beauty, in front of our homestead, with intentions of marketing a few trees for our children’s education fund.

After a few years of growth, we began selling trees at local tree auctions. We began to realize the potential for a retail tree nursery operation serving our local community.


We purchased our first hydraulic tree spade in 1997. As tree sales increased, we continued to plant new, larger tree stock and expanded our varieties of landscape trees.

In 1998, we sold our existing excavation business of 14 years and dedicated our time to the nurture, growth, and community awareness of Dogwood Hills Tree Farm. Our equipment services have expanded to include 4 tree spades. Three are mounted on skidsters, and work well for moving smaller trees, and in tight spots. The larger spade is truck mounted which allows us to transport trees over-the-road. This machine can accommodate a 6-7″ diameter tree.

Dogwood Hills Tree Farm is excited to become northern Indiana’s premiere provider of landscape, specimen-quality trees.

As our three children have grown in age, size and maturity, they have all been instrumental in our decision to expand our inventory and plant additional acreage in trees. It’s a pleasure serving our growing community. Trees add value, both aesthetically and monetarily, to anyone’s property.

Bring a friend and come visit us at Dogwood Hills Tree Farm!